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Our Farm Garden

Douglas Fir tea garden at San Juan Island Tea Farm

San Juan Island Tea Farm is located on the beautiful island of San Juan and is part of Washington state’s secluded archipelago.   The island is renowned for many things; Orca killer whales, pacific salmon, bald eagles, world-class boating and fishing, and a natural beauty unmatched anywhere else.  San Juan Island is celebrated for many things but not the growing of tea, not until now.

Nestled in a natural amphitheater at the base of Cady Mountain is our farm, the region’s first and only organic tea farm owned and farmed by Greg and Yvonne Gifford.

San Juan Island Tea Farm is exclusively organic.  The international single origin and blended/flavored teas that we carefully source from all over the world are certified organic.  Our premium Estate Tea (expected first harvest 2020), will be more than organic, meaning it will be grown in a sustainable, permaculture environment.  The organic spices and herbs we use for our Estate blends are grown on our eleven acre farm or sourced locally.

We’ve approached this project with a deep seeded desire to produce premium world class tea in an ecosystem that provides a symbiotic and nurturing relationship between tea plants, trees, shrubs and the micro organisms below ground on the farm.  Our vision is to create a diverse agro-ecology that includes the on-going and never tiring production of our own manure, courtesy of our resident horse, Money and our Scottish Highland cows, Matcha and Oolong.

Developing this environment is an on-going labor of love and a process that will span several years. We will continue to document, photograph and film our northwest island tea experiment, so please check back to watch us grow!

San Juan Island tea garden


Matcha Scottish highland cow