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About Us

We have been fortunate to call San Juan Island our home for over 17 years.  We share our home and 11 acre farm with two dogs, a Westie; Dawson and a Scottie; Raleigh, one rescued cat; Paulo, one elderly quarter horse; Money, two Scottish Highland cows; Matcha and Oolong and our aquatic friends. 2 koi and a goldfish.  

San Juan Island is a magical place that we are proud to call our home.   We're passionate about growing a unique, premium quality island tea cultivated in the Pacific North West environment with its temperate coastal climate and a terroir like no other in the world. 


Yvonne Gifford has vast experience in the food industry as a product innovator and promoter of forward reaching products.  As head of Research and Development for a heritage gluten free food manufacturer, Yvonne has developed everything from savory oatmeal to one of the world’s most flavorful gluten free flatbreads.  She has now moved this talent for innovation to the tea market.

Yvonne’s passion for tea is only matched by her passion for food and cooking.  Yvonne will be creating and sharing delectable recipes that marry tea’s unique flavors with culinary delights at ‘Culinary Tea’ and in her weekly blog.


With a lifelong fascination for Japanese gardens Greg Gifford has embarked on a journey that will take San Juan Island Tea Farm to the pinnacle of the craft tea industry. Taking raw land and mixing native soils with on site generated cow and horse manure he has created an environment that is ideal for tea growth.

In addition to the tea farm he has expanded the area to include the beginnings of a sizeable Japanese Garden.  Sourcing tea plants from as far away as Hawaii, the San Juan Island Tea Farm is pioneering the cultivation of tea in the Pacific Northwest.