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Why Choose San Juan Island Tea?

Southern resident orca killer whales

Simple answer: for the perfect, premium, organic cup of tea.

While waiting for our first crop expected in 2021-22, we offer a wide selection of always organic, high quality black, green, flavored and blended loose leaf teas sourced from the world's top organic tea farms.  

We are committed to organic and permaculture farming and are implementing sustainable organic farming techniques on our farm like no till, the introduction of bio-diverse plant species and the use of composted manure from our livestock and mulch recycled from our own plant and tree cuttings and pruning. These are the same practices we look for as we select teas from the world's premium tea gardens.  

We feel incredibly lucky to call the San Juan Islands our home and are passionate about sustaining our beautiful environment on our farm and in the San Juan  archipelago.  Many things make these islands special and the Southern resident Orca Killer Whales are at the top of that list.

One of our key initiatives is to do what we can to help protect and sustain these amazing mammals and the eco-system around them.  Our orca killer whales are endangered as is the food they depend on, Chinook salmon.

Having empathy is one thing but doing something is another.  We proudly donate 5% of our profits on all tea sales to Orca Conservancy (, an all volunteer Washington State non-profit organization that works on behalf of the orca killer whale and protects the wild places on which it depends.

Your purchase can be about more than tea, it can help sustain one of our planet's greatest treasures while providing you with an extraordinary cup of tea!