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Culinary Tea

Gluten free coconut peanut soup made with black tea

Culinary Tea and Me

My passion for tea is matched only by my passion for cooking.  In a previous life I created over 2500 recipes in every imaginable category for an on-line cooking magazine and personally prepared, photographed and described every dish.  

As a diagnosed celiac of 20 years, I have made a career out of developing and publishing gluten-free recipes and producing gluten-free food products that are flavorful, delicious, interesting and authentic tasting.  Recipes shared on this site will span a variety of categories and types but always will be gluten-free.  Whether you adhere to a gluten-free diet or not, my commitment and focus is that every recipe can be enjoyed by anyone, gluten-free or not, without giving it another thought.

The creation of San Juan Island Tea Farm has enabled me to combine my two great loves into a culinary art form that incorporates tea’s amazing flavors and health benefits with delicious, satisfying and stunning food creations!  If you love tea and you love to eat, check out our blog where you will find recipes for every occasion that include tea as a key ingredient.